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Features of the dictionary client

The dictionary mode provides the following features:

Here are three sample screen shots showing the dictionary mode in action within an Emacs 21 buffer:

Screenshot 1

This buffer shows the result of searching the definition for distinguished. A lot of entries have been found, including translation into german and russian language. The blue words are hyper-links that points to the definitions of these words. The hyper-link with the green background will be activated when pressing the middle mouse button.

Screenshot 2

This buffer shows the result of looking for matching words to possible. You can now select one of the found entries or ignore the search by pressing any mouse button outside the menu.

Screenshot 3

This screenshot shows the tool-tips supported in GNU Emacs 21. Whenever the mouse cursor stands still for a certain time (about one second) the word at cursor is looked up in the configured dictionary. This example shows the german translation for originally, in this context not the right one, ursprünglich would be better.

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