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Installing E-pppMon


If you are a Debian user you can download the unofficial Debian package for x86. You need the epplets library to install it, this library is currently available in the unstable tree of Debian. Users of Kernels < 2.2.12 should download the older version of the package or download the source.

First download the current version of the epplet. After unpacking it into a temporary directory:

tar xfz E-pppMon-0.3.tar.gz

change into that directory and call make to compile the program.

cd E-pppMon-0.3

I have created to package to compile cleanly on a Debian system with the epplet package installed. The epplet binary is stored in the /usr/bin directory, the data of the epplet are stored in /usr/share/enlightenment/epplet_data/E-pppMon. If you need some other locations it's now time to modify the Makefile, modifying the BINDIR and DATADIR variables should usually be sufficient.

After adapting the Makefile you can install the epplet by typing:

make install

After regenerating the enlightenment menu (within the maintenance sub-menu) the epplet should show up in the enlightenment epplets menu and can be started by clicking on it. If it doesn't show up, start it by running E-pppMon.epplet. It will automatically be restarted in the next enlightenment session.

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Last modified: Sun Jan 6 14:39:17 CET 2002